Guide How To Make Application Facebook

4 May 2015

Guide How To Make Application Facebook - Facebook is a medium that is very complete with versatile features that exist that can be used by all Facebook users either free or paid. People who have been adept at using the Facebook does not necessarily he just using social media such as Facebook as a general but he will further optimize this Facebook presence for the interests which will give you an advantage over him. One feature that is widely used by professionalCara Membuat Group Facebook Dengan Mudah Facebook users is a Developer page that is used to make some applications that can be integrated with a web site or blog. One of the Facebook applications that I will discuss is the application Facebook comments will be installed as a comment on the blog by simply taking a small proportion of these applications. Actually apalikasi Facebook is not only used to make the column comments on the blog Facebook alone but at a level further, this application will be more useful.

    ”>Okay, Here’s how to create a Facebook applicationCara Membuat Akun Facebook Dengan Mudah Terbaru

    If the application is already open page.     ”>Click the Create New App button like the following image display
    ”>Fill in some fields as shown below
AppName: Fill in the name of your application. AppNamespace: Fill in the name of your liking.     ”>Webhosting: Do unchecked
Security examination.     ”>Facebook Application
        ”>How to Create a Facebook Application
        ”>AppID: Facebook Application ID that you created
    ”>Please copy and store your Facebook application ID
    ”>Guide How to Create a Facebook Application

“>Click Save Changes

That’s how to make a simple Facebook application. If your question or errors in the writing of this guide, please leave your comments on this article, Guide How to Create a Facebook Application




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